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"…the thing I seek most—is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life…" Psalm 27:4

Set List for April 25th April 26, 2010

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10:45 am – 10:55 am:   Pre-service slides and CD music

10:55 – 11:00 am:  5:00 minute countdown

I Am Free – Newsboys

Sing To The King – Passion Worship

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer

Baby Baptism

Be Thou My Vision – Third Day Version

Here I Am To Worship – Tim Hughes

Offering Song: He knows my name

Scripture Reading: Psalm 23

Message: The sheep and The Shepherd

Benediction/Altar Time: Revelation Song

What was going on this week: We did not practice on Wednesday evening as we would normally do. I gave the team the week off and we met 15 minutes earlier than normal on  Sunday morning and used songs we were already very familiar with. We also had a baby baptism and I realized that we need to make some light adjustments, because we have no lighting on the floor in front of the stage and that is where the families prefer to stand.

Our worship went really well, but I have had some feedback since then that our sound was too low,  so I will have to research that and see what the levels were set at during the service.  I have been having another issue with our Pastor’s microphone that I managed to get fixed this week, I will post on that in the very next one.


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Set List for April 11th April 12, 2010

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5 Minute Countdown

Freedom by Darrell Evans


The Preschool Children sing (or “the little bitty’s” as we call them)

Freedom (again as the children exit off the stage)

Friend of God

Amazing Love/You are my King

OFFERING – I belong to You by Superchick  (done with 2 acoustics and 1 vocalist)

Scripture Reading – John 20:19-29

Intro to Message – My Lord and My God

Video – Power Outage (this was not originally in the Order of service, but hey, we like to do things spontaneously sometimes)

Message (While booth team scrambles to get computer back up and running) The message was about how when we are children we depend on our parents Faith to get us through, but at some point in our lives we have a moment where God becomes our own, we have a personal experience with Him.

Benediction/Altar Time – Consuming Fire

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Mondays in my office

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Mondays are generally my reflection day. It is a time to prayerfully think about  Sunday’s service, what went well, what did not go well and why. The mistakes that were made, can they be improved on? Where was the core of the problem and how am I going to move forward in correcting it?  This has been a year of learning for me for sure.  I have been doing worship on teams, including leading for over 15 years, but this has been a whole new experience and I have made some doozy mistakes…oh yes.

That old saying “hindsight is 20/20” definately has applied to me several times.  I have often walked away on a Sunday morning  seeing so clearly, thinking, “Why in the world did I pick that song?” or “What ever made me think I could sing that song?”  I don’t really know why it becomes so much clearer at that point ((Big Sigh)).

The best Mondays are when I can look back and know that we were visited by the Lord, His presence coming down like a sweet fragrance that covers the room.  That was this past Sunday, the Sunday after Easter…now last Sunday, Easter, was one of those times when I walked away wondering, “What just happened?”…but I guess that’s ok, I will do my reflecting, make adjustments where they need to be (scrap a song or two that I vow never to try again) and move forward in what the Lord has for our congregation, because, like I tell the team all the time, it is all about Worship. When we come ready to give to Him, He comes ready to give to us.

” seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul. ” Deut. 4:29


A renewing of my mind: part 1 March 9, 2010

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I knew that our trip to California would have some sort of spiritual significance, because every trip Jeff and I have ever taken has had some sort of spiritual revelation attached to it big or small. However, I did not know that it would be so personal to me or what God wants to use me for, He is showing me things even now as we zoom down the hill from Fayetteville to Fort Smith to go home after a week in Los Angeles for what I thought was really more of just a family vacation, but has become so much more.

I am generally fearful of new things and a bit lazy, I have spent my life this way and although God has grown me up by leaps and bounds, these human tendencies are hanging on to me like burs used to stick to my socks on Grannies farm when I was 10. (you southerners know what I mean…a stroll through the tall grass and you’ll have 30 or so, then they prick you when you try to pull them off!)

There are gifts and abilities God has given me that I can do easily without being led by the Spirit, they are things that were a challenge once upon a time when I couldn’t do them without Him, but now with practice, have become easy, I can do them in my own strength…but I DON’T WANT TO! I don’ t want to be in a place where the things I do everyday are easy and I get in a rut of pride and laziness…so what do I do?


Our Sanctuary – LED lighting March 1, 2010

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LED lighting and White Spandex has transformed our Sanctuary, the combination of the two has given us multiple  design choices with a small budget.

All of the pictures you see here have used a combination of LED lighting and stretched, white spandex. In the picture above we even used some of our spandex as a table draping with our candles.

In this picture we made a cone out of the spandex and stretched around a piece of plywood. The plywood has a hole cut out of the center so we could set the LED light inside and shine it upward.

In this picture we stretched the spandex over a frame and glued silhouette cut-outs onto the back then shone the LED lights through the back for this effect at Christmastime.


Set List for 02/21/2010 February 23, 2010

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Big House – Audio A

Hallelujah – Brenton Brown

Welcome and Prayer

Above all Else – Vicky Beeching

Breathe – Kathryn Scott

Offering – Made me Glad – Hillsong

Scripture Reading – Luke 4:1-14

Message – About the importance of knowing the word of God…reading the Word every day to renew your mind

Benediction/Altar time – How great is our God – Chris Tomlin

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Planning Center Online February 22, 2010

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We have just recently started using a product for churches called Planning Center Online. This is a great service for churches to use to help manage all of their volunteers for each service.  I have just started working in it and already it has helped so much in the last two weeks. It notifies your volunteers when they are to serve by email and they are to reply with a confirmation reply or they can deny that they are available for that time. If a volunteer is unavailable then the system will automatically email the next person lined up for that position.

Using it for the worship team, I also have the option to upload chord charts and sound files or YouTube links to the songs. There are also many other options that I haven’t even started using yet. I will let you know as we go along, the Pros and Cons of the service.

They have several pricing options available and all include a free 30-day trial. If you are a very small church, they have a free service that is limited on what you can do with it, but still very helpful and a great place to start.