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Set List for April 25th April 26, 2010

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10:45 am – 10:55 am:   Pre-service slides and CD music

10:55 – 11:00 am:  5:00 minute countdown

I Am Free – Newsboys

Sing To The King – Passion Worship

Welcome, Announcements and Prayer

Baby Baptism

Be Thou My Vision – Third Day Version

Here I Am To Worship – Tim Hughes

Offering Song: He knows my name

Scripture Reading: Psalm 23

Message: The sheep and The Shepherd

Benediction/Altar Time: Revelation Song

What was going on this week: We did not practice on Wednesday evening as we would normally do. I gave the team the week off and we met 15 minutes earlier than normal on  Sunday morning and used songs we were already very familiar with. We also had a baby baptism and I realized that we need to make some light adjustments, because we have no lighting on the floor in front of the stage and that is where the families prefer to stand.

Our worship went really well, but I have had some feedback since then that our sound was too low,  so I will have to research that and see what the levels were set at during the service.  I have been having another issue with our Pastor’s microphone that I managed to get fixed this week, I will post on that in the very next one.


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Set List for 02/21/2010 February 23, 2010

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Big House – Audio A

Hallelujah – Brenton Brown

Welcome and Prayer

Above all Else – Vicky Beeching

Breathe – Kathryn Scott

Offering – Made me Glad – Hillsong

Scripture Reading – Luke 4:1-14

Message – About the importance of knowing the word of God…reading the Word every day to renew your mind

Benediction/Altar time – How great is our God – Chris Tomlin

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