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Shure Countryman Headset April 26, 2010

Filed under: Sound Equipment — carterclan4 @ 8:14 pm

We started having some problems with my Pastor’s Wireless mic a couple of weeks ago, every time he moved, it would crackle.  We had used the mic in a drama the same week the problem began, so I thought that maybe it had not gotten plugged in correctly or something, it was obviously a short somewhere. The next week it was worse and so on  Monday  I began to really look at the mic and research my options.  At first I though we were going to have to replace the mic, but after looking closely at the mic, I realize that the cable is just plugged in, so I just ordered a replacement cable for just over $60.

When the mic cable came in, I plugged it in and all is now well with the world again, no snaps, crackle’s, or pops.  One of the things I had discovered in my research (according to some of the Church audio and Pro-Audio Tech websites I found) is that it is fairly common for these cables to go out and need to be replaced, even as much as every year, depending on the use.  I have only been leading worship here for less than a year, but the mic is well over 5 years old, so I guess that’s pretty good.  I thought I would share this information, this little bit of research I did, saved us from purchasing a brand new system.


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