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Set List for 02/21/2010 February 23, 2010

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Big House – Audio A

Hallelujah – Brenton Brown

Welcome and Prayer

Above all Else – Vicky Beeching

Breathe – Kathryn Scott

Offering – Made me Glad – Hillsong

Scripture Reading – Luke 4:1-14

Message – About the importance of knowing the word of God…reading the Word every day to renew your mind

Benediction/Altar time – How great is our God – Chris Tomlin

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Planning Center Online February 22, 2010

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We have just recently started using a product for churches called Planning Center Online. This is a great service for churches to use to help manage all of their volunteers for each service.  I have just started working in it and already it has helped so much in the last two weeks. It notifies your volunteers when they are to serve by email and they are to reply with a confirmation reply or they can deny that they are available for that time. If a volunteer is unavailable then the system will automatically email the next person lined up for that position.

Using it for the worship team, I also have the option to upload chord charts and sound files or YouTube links to the songs. There are also many other options that I haven’t even started using yet. I will let you know as we go along, the Pros and Cons of the service.

They have several pricing options available and all include a free 30-day trial. If you are a very small church, they have a free service that is limited on what you can do with it, but still very helpful and a great place to start.